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John R. Justice Federal Student Loan Redemption Program


One pressing challenge facing New Jersey's criminal justice system today is the retention of qualified prosecutors and public defenders. The Offices of the Attorney General and Public Defender both consistently find it difficult to attract and retain talented attorneys. Qualified attorneys who would be interested in public interest law often forego these careers because of the overwhelming student debt burden assumed during their education. Loan Redemption programs such as the John R. Justice Loan Redemption program are successful in attracting and retaining capable attorneys to careers that they might otherwise not consider.



This program is supported through a federal grant and is offered contingent upon receiving those funds.


To qualify for loan repayment assistance, an applicant must:


  1. Be currently employed full-time as an eligible prosecutor or public defender, and

  2. Have eligible outstanding student loan debt in good standing with each lender

  3. Complete the application process and be selected to participate

  4. Sign a service agreement committing to remain employed as an eligible public defender or prosecutor for at least three years

All required documents must be received by HESAA on or before February 15, 2016.


If you have not received benefits from a previous JRJ Loan Redemption Program, please click here.


If you have previously received JRJ Loan Redemption Program benefits and fulfilled your service obligation, please click here.


If you are currently receiving JRJ Loan Redemption Program benefits and have not fulfilled your service obligation, please click here.


Frequently asked questions are posted here.


Interested candidates who need more information may contact HESAA at 609-584-4020.


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